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Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You’re a world – everything is hidden in you.

De dragul disciplinei și curățeniei și în scopul de a fi ușor de parcurs, blogul se structurează în următoarele categorii:

BsBooks – A man who reads is a dangerous creature – A collection of books that touched my soul.

BsChoices – Our choices define who we are – A collection of choices.

BsPlaces – Life is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page – A collection of places.

BsThoughts – I think, therefore I exist – A collection of un-sugar coated thoughts.

Cultural Endeavor – Earth with ‘art’ is just ‘eh’ – A collection of cultural habits (and reviews).

Gândul de azi – Your once-in-a-while moment of inspiration.

Mărunțișurile zilei – Small moments that make you stop for and think.

Sporty moments – Mens sana in corpore sano – A collection of healthy activities and reviews.